Which Type Of “Preneur” Are You?

We often think that there is only one type of entrepreneur. He is a person that has a vision, a project, that is driven by passion and creation. But they are people, and there is no such thing as one type of people. This is why Beeleev introduces its 4 types of entrepreneur. Don’t you worry, there are way more!



  1. The TechPreneur

The TechPreneur is an always connected entrepreneur, who is driven by the change in the technology. You will be able to contact him at all times and he will be exited by innovation. Never far away from his keyboard, he follows big tech innovators like Google or Apple. Of course he has his favorite, he obviously cannot like them both. The TechPreneur can be kind of shy but is very competent and organized. He has the key to success.


  1. The TravelingPreneur

The TravelingPreneur is clearly the one who enjoys his title. He like to discover new things and new places. When we say “travel”, it is not only geographic. The TravelingPreneur believes in what he does. His company is usually about fair trade or any other thing that benefits everyone. He wants to change the world and discover where his vision will take him. His wish? No borders!


  1. The DealPreneur

The DealPreneur is the entrepreneur who always wants a partner or associates. He likes to make deals, find a win-win situation and meet people. He is very sociable and his motto is “business through people”. As you can guess, he does not like to be alone and he considers co-workers as friends.


  1. The CoolPreneur

Last but not least, the CoolPreneur. He is laid back and does not worry about thing. He knows everything will go smoothly for him. His project is a part of him and it has a special place in his life. The CoolPreneur will never be seen in a suit. He has a tendency not to be really organized but he does not care. He works in a peaceful environment and surrounds himself with like-minded colleagues.

These 4 types are only an example, there are way more different types of entrepreneurs. But you, how would you describe yourself? I am sure that you will be surprised if you think about it. Let us know!


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