Xavier de Lame is Beeleever and CEO at YumEarth Europe by Gurux (Barcelona, Spain), the exclusive importer in Europe of the nº1 organic candy brand in America : YumEarth. It is the first organic candy company in the US with international distribution in over 40 countries. He shares with passion the exciting (brand) adventure he has joined

In the 90’s I had the chance to actively participate in one of the most exciting corporate and brand adventure called “Chupa Chups”. Crazy days, great people and good vibes. It was a great international experience inspired by the invention of Enric Bernat: Love Parade in Berlin, Moto GP Racing Team, Banzai soundtrack, Feel the Pain TV ad, Chupa Chicks in Toronto, Venice Film Festival & Carnival, Tokyo Night Scene, Chupa Chups Funwear at Galeries Lafayette and much much more. From 7 to 77 years old, all over the world, Chupa was an icon brand. 15 years later, I met with 2 inspired guys, Rob and Sergio and they presented me their brand called “YumEarth”, with a great bunch of confectionery products created for kids (and older kids).


YumEarth is a very exciting and original brand adventure. When we started at the begining of 2015, in Europe, the main task was to find very specific entrepreneurs and/or organizations willing to challenge the status quo of the candy distribution.

Call it luck, coincidence or good vibes but in 2016, we have almost covered the EEC and half of our partners are new born companies in countries like Germany, France or the UK. But more than anything, the energy around YumEarth is extremely positive which allows sharing best practices and sometimes avoiding failures. We are lucky to have lots of exchanges, social media support and follow-up between partners: this is the magic of the European YumEarth family.

Historically, YumEarth has developed its sales in the USA through bags/multipacks of goods and within different candy categories. But we decided to focus first on our brand essence, the first product created by the 2 founders: #besteverlollipop.

There was no real display and/or brand strategy to sell per single unit, which is usually the normal practice internationally for the lolipop market. Meanwhile, we were looking for a different display style in the stores so we could differnciate from the competition. In the end, we had to launch various bags during the 1st semester 2015. Today we have a complete offer to sell single unit lollipops and our partners clearly understand the advantage of volume distribution over value distribution. This is an important part of our strategy and it defines how the brand will grow.


This week, it looks like we even made it in one of the most famous US families (pure emotional post from a fan): https://www.kimkardashianwest.com/obsessed/708-kim-kardashian-diaper-bag/


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Written by Beeleev

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