Giuseppe Ravazzolo is a Beeleever, and CEO at WTCO (Italy). From his experience helping aspiring entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground over time, he shares a few insights on the Italian market for entrepreneurs wanting to tackle it. 


My name is di Giuseppe Ravazzolo, and I’m an entrepreneur focused in business development. I first worked in a small family business, and after 12 years there, I moved on to create my own business in Service – right now we are developing WTCO and gradually searching and buy shares of consulting company in Italy and World

As the CEO of WTCO, I am proud to say that we have had a great growth from year to year thanks to a great and efficient team, which is especially important in a country where the law can be particularly strict.      

We are based in Italy, but also operate in the USA, Poland, and Turkey, and each of those countries has its own advantages and drawbacks, so it is necessary to understand what is good and what’s not.

In the case of Italy, here’s what you need to know:


There are many advantages you could benefit from:

Engineering: Italy’s economy has been gradually diversifying, shifting from food and textiles to engineering. Italy has one of the leading exports sector, covering mechanical machinery and equipment in Europe. Production is dominated by private enterprises. The engineering field of activity in Italy is now the second largest in the EU and the country has also made significant gains in Russia, Africa and South America.

Innovation in industrial area: The government issued measures for promoting innovation in the industry through a focus on developing further public/private innovation partnerships. Italy’s new industrial policy also values investment in high-innovation programs within strategic sectors for Italy’s development such as innovative technologies for cultural heritage.

However there are also drawbacks that must not be ignored: law and tax level. Creating a company in Italy means finding out the maze that is the Italian fiscal ecosystem… You have to document yourself because it is very complex and the corporation tax rate is quiet high.

The only way to succeed in Italy is to keep developing new products and services and being different from the competition in terms of level of service and products. In our case, we are online 24/7, and are able to respond to the customers in 1 working day, something not common in Italian Businesses.

To succeed in Italy, you need to be different, be smart. Networking is the key to success there. If I can leave you with one thought about tackling the Italian market, it is: be fast, and have a short, medium, and long-term plan for both your business and for your life.


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Written by Beeleev

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