Don’t You Think That These Soccer Players Have Things In Common With Famous Entrepreneurs?

  Like every 4 years, soccer is coming back to Europe with the famous European cup competition. More than a simple sport meeting, the Euro is the moment when players’ personalities burst out. Don’t you think that Jeff Besos have some common points with Zinedine Zidane?
So here are our top 4 entrepreneurs that have a soccer alter ego.


1. Let’s begin with the Kaiser, the first big boss of the playground. I, of course, am speaking about Mr. Beckenbauer. He is the first soccer player with the image of being a global leader in and out of the stadium. Who else has this characteristic? Of course there is only one! Mr Gates. He might not be as charismatic as Beckenbauer, but you cannot become and stay the wealthiest men in the world without having one hell of a stature.

2. At the same period of time, a more charismatic and popular personality was playing for the Netherlands. Sir Cruyff changed the way of playing football. Another man changed the way of doing business: Steve Jobs. He revolutionized the way of using a computer. These two bigmouths impacted the world with their creativity and charisma. 

3. Many years later another maestro influenced the way of playing soccer. I am of course speaking about Zinedine Zidane. With Jeff Besos, these two bald men had vision. Just like chefs, they are leading the Real Madrid and Amazon to the top.

4. I could not conclude without talking about the new generation of entrepreneurs and players which are symbols of opportunism. We all know how Facebook was created and, in a way, Cristiano Ronaldo is the Mark Zuckerberg of soccer. Both did not invent anything new, but they knew how to use the skills they had to reach success.

Well, sometimes sports train you to go further with what you have. Being an entrepreneur is pretty much the same: you overcome failure and take you idea to the next level.
Fight the stereotypes, soccer players and entrepreneurs have much more in common that we imagine.

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