Anne Liebgott On Switzerland And Entrepreneurship: The Good, The Bad, And The Neutral


WAAW_Anne_Liebgott.jpg Born in Canada to Danish parents, Anne Liebgott grew up in Canada, the US and Switzerland. A marketing, communications and business development professional, she recognized the need for providing legal and compliant Swiss wealth management solutions to US clients and Americans abroad, and the Swiss platform Where Americans are Welcome” was born. The website lists the Swiss wealth managers registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States and other related wealth management services.


Switzerland has always had an illustrious reputation when it comes to its international businesses. Known for its unique blend of advanced infrastructure, political stability and respect for quality, efficiency, and unfailing reliability, it is no wonder that it has today become a thriving home of entrepreneurship. The country boasts many start-up platforms available to new entrepreneurs to help them with all aspects of establishing a new business idea, including prize money for excellent new ideas, and a strong and varied support environment in the economic development offices of each Swiss canton (state or province).

All of these factors, and many more, have led Switzerland to topping the Resilience Index as the most reliable nation in which to do business in the world. Switzerland scored 94.9 points in the Economics category, 57.2 in Risk and 100 in Supply Chain. Switzerland also topped the latest Global Innovation Index, as the world’s most innovative country.

This means that Switzerland is today a very interesting location for establishing or expanding a business. Heading to the country could be a very low-risk high-reward proposition for many entrepreneurs. However, the risks do still exist, and the rewards can be squandered if exploited inappropriately. This means that one should know what they’re getting into before approaching Switzerland, and the Swiss.


The “catch” with Switzerland is that the very same things that make it a reliable and lucrative country to do business in can make it hermetic as well, and difficult to approach without the proper knowledge of the complex social rules that govern it. If the Swiss love high quality and reliability, they will accept nothing less.

You will need a strong and well-thought out business plan, planning for every aspect and eventuality, or else no-one will take a serious look at your proposal. Company registration, compliance, corporate governance, finding offices etc. and other legal aspects require immaculate attention and are time and cost consuming. Even arriving late to a meeting will indicate that you aren’t reliable, which will lead to them avoiding doing business with you.

But if you can adapt to these expectations, you will be sure to have found an exciting and powerful market in Switzerland, which could help make or break your company, without the “break” part.

Good luck, and welcome to Switzerland!

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