Peanuts and Monkeys: Mario Gives You Food For Thoughts To Build Your Company

Mario Sánchez Del Real (Spain) is a Beeleever, CEO and Founder at Peanuts & Monkeys an independant “evolutionary” creative agency. He gave us interesting insights, thanks to his digital oriented career, about the way he successfully pursues his own development strategy.

 How did you come up with your project idea ?



The first main issue building up a new agency is logical: the naming. Many big advertising agencies’ names have become a pain for the users, consisting of boring lettering, a few names of the initial partners, or even just nothing. If we are to bring freshness to our clients’ communications, why not start with our own? Yes, we are Peanuts&monkeys!

This business has always consisted of two main parts: the investment, the money, what we call the “peanuts”, and the people, the talent, the “monkeys”.

We pride ourselves on being an ever-evolving agency, which means we are open to learning about what is around us every day, and change and adapt in reaction to it. We are different now than we were when we started, and we will not be as we are today in two or three years. When you work within the sphere of the digital, always fast and quick to change, you either move with it or you die.


What obstacles did you face and how did you manage to overcome them ?

The three partners had a wide digital background, so the first step was not to become just a digital shop. Presenting a new independent and integrated agency with the focus on big clients is not an easy thing, but after three years we are proud to work for important clients as Disney, Mitsubishi Motors, Santander, Acciona, Hyundai, among others. All of them are big clients with big needs, used to work great international agencies an groups.

Something we do well at the agency is not attempting to do what any other can do. We always strive to come with new ways of delivering the ideas, more out of the box, and not what habit and routine would have us do. Mostly our proposal is more based around what we would do if we really were the client, rather than what the brief from the client tells us.




Did you implement any innovative feature for your business ? 

We try hard to come up with solutions wider than what the initial brief specified, and that go above and beyond what the client expects or thinks can do with their initial budget. Our solutions are a mix of big creative arguments, with a powerful call to action, something that happens in real live, and that becomes user content generator in social media, covering what the paid media can’t achieve, as good content or becoming a news.

We are a creative agency, but we’ve always had a focus on making influence over the media plan strategy, and not just simply handing out the creative idea or argument, and then not care about what happens with it in the hands of the media agency. We have to make sure it runs well with our media plan or the organic media, even when we are not making it ourselves. It also has to be a good content that anyone would like to see and share. We are not only a digital company but the digital is our true core and heart


My tip for success is to be honest to yourself, and not to overpromise. For example, our aim in Peanuts&Monkeys is to be just 2% different from other companies of the same type. Just as primates share 98% of their dna with humans, we try to find that 2% that makes all the difference. Believe me mates, as you know there is a big difference between monkeys and humans!



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