You must have heard about it: a couple of days ago, Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, joined the UN Campaign “HeforShe”! 

Let’s use the news to think about all the inequalities that remain between women and men and particularly in the workplace.

First, what is the “HeforShe” campaign?


As you can see on the picture, “HeforShe” is a campaign promoted by the UN in order to bridge the gap between men and women. You can join the movement and help the UN fighting for gender equality from education to politics. They need you!

Take Action!

Entrepreneurship is not only for men!

As Beeleev is a network for entrepreneurs, we will focus on the inequalities in the workplace and more precisely in entrepreneurship. We all know that they exist. We can say anything and claim the gap is being bridged, however figures are here! Let’s face the truth: on Beeleev, for instance, most entrepreneurs are men. This is a reality! 

It would be easy and false to say that women do not want to run a company or to set up a business. Of course some don’t, but just as men. The key point is education for men and for women. Because, yes, women can run a business! Women can be entrepreneurs! It is not a male word!


But who could seriously deny all the obstacles and prejudices women have to face to access the business world?


I always wanted to have my own business but entrepreneurship was impossible in Soviet Kazakhstan, and my husband was never supportive of the idea,” says Shaiza Mirtina, 74, from Karaul, East Kazakhstan Region. “He didn’t want our neighbours to gossip about us and said it was a purely male affair.”
But Shaiza persevered. Her bakery has inspired fellow women and has created jobs for local youth.

If you want to read the whole story, you can go there (it is an article from the UNDP about gender equality in entrepreneurship). 

I think it is an inspiring story that shows us how much still has to be done. We have to acknowledge those obstacles women are facing in order to overcome them.


The world is waiting for you!

I trust in female entrepreneurship. I want to say to all women who want to try this amazing adventure: Beeleev in you! Successful female entrepreneurs do exist. Think of Gail Kelly (CEO of one of the biggest bank in Australia) for instance. Success and business have nothing to do with gender.

Look at these 3 female Beeleevers: They run a business and they run it well!

WAAW_Anne_Liebgott.jpg Keren_Sela-080700-edited.jpg stefany_lapierre.jpg
Anne Liebgott, CEO at AmericanWelcom
Keren Sela, CEO at Lifegraph


Stephany Lapierre, founder at Tealbook

Why not you?

Let’s take that issue serioulsy and keep fighting for gender equality for the gap is not bridged yet! We have to acknowledge the facts and make entrepreneurship a world for both women and men. Entrepreneurship is a beautiful adventure we all should be able to dare!

Hopefully, some organizations act for gender equality and not only in Business and Entrepreneurship. Therefore, I want to pay tribute to them. Thank you!

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Written by Beeleev

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