Paolo Ferrari is an Italian entrepreneur who co-founded Mon-K, a company that produces and distributes highly technological solutions to protect and encrypt data, images and personal information. After twenty-plus years of experience in the computer security industry and after working for multiple Italian companies in the field of Networking & Security, Paolo has been developping a high level of first hand knowledge.

With his skills and the success of Mon-K, Paolo is a real expert of the Italian business market! He gives you a list of everything you have to know for a successful development in Italy.

Interested in growing in Italy? Let’s follow Ferrari‘s fast steps to succeed in this country!

1. First,  like in any other country, you need to be a problems solver to give a real add value to the customer. You should be available 24×7. You need a staff skilled over the average and you need lots of contacts ; because customer is available to pay more for a good service with real add value .

The biggest obstacle to overcome is the mistrust of the customer. If you are not trusted from customers, it will take you a lot more time to grow. 

2. Secondly, if you want to develop in Italia, you should definitely know that Italian’s main sectors are manufacturing and agriculture. However, new economy is slowly emerging and basically 99% of company are SMB. Italy is a growing and innovative market to be.  

3. Then, according to Paolo, Italy is an old country, which means that they are some cultural aspects to bear in mind when setting up in Italy. You need someone local to start the business, to solve language issues and to adapt to the existing bureaucracy.


4. Good news, something is changing in Italy about entrepreneurship! It is the moment to create businesses in Italy! New opportunities to invest in start-ups in the new technology industry are emerging. Patent-box, for instance, is a new law that allows companies in this field to benefit a reduction of 50% in taxes. 

The way is now open and great opportunities are waiting for you in Italy! 



With Paolo‘s 4 steps to succeed in Italy, you are on the right track to develop your growing business there!

Thank you Paolo.


Written by Beeleev

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