And don’t forget to rest!

Thank God it’s Friday! The weekend is coming and we will be able to rest at last. Because, as an entrepreneur, I don’t have time to rest… I wish I could take a nap or sleep a bit sometimes but I just can’t. Running a business needs work, which means time without resting of course. 

How can I unite work and sleep? If you have the answer, please give it to me!

We all know how busy entrepreneurs are. They always have something to do and to plan and to organize and to and… Don’t forget to rest! Beeleevers often tell us that they push sleeping and resting into the background. It is wat they do when they don’t have anything else to do. And still, it is vital and it can be really fruitful for you!


don't forget to rest


You see? Even statues manage to find time to sleep. So, don’t tell me entrepreneurs can’t. 

It was a joke of course, but still, the point is that you should take the time to sleep. It is not that you don’t have time, it’s just that you don’t give you the time to rest. We always find time when we want it. 

I will not come back on everything you miss or lose by working too hard since we all know them. Indeed, by sleeping you improve your efficiency at work and will increase your productivity. 

Did you know that some disasters are due to a lack of sleep? For instance, Tchernobyl and Three Miles Island catastrophes are said to bepartly caused by that. Better have a good night sleep now, no?

I know entrepreneurs are busy, I don’t deny it. The goal is to prioritise things. If we were attentive to our own needs, we would always find something else to do, no matter how really important it is. Therefore, the goal is to be able to say “Stop” sometimes.

You will benefit from it, believe me! (And from a Beeleever, it does make sense)

entrepreneurs should rest

Entrepreneurs are supermen, aren’t they? Thus, they should be able and have the opportunity to rest! And resting doesn’t mean only sleeping but also enjoying life. If you are not blooming, how do you want to run a company in the best possible conditions?

The key point is that taking your time is not losing it!

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