Ricardo is a Beeleever from Portugal, CEO at Hoopy. With over 10 years of experience in the automobile sector, he has acquired expertise in various areas such as trade, marketing and management, which allows him to have a strategic view point of this business.


Can you tell us a little more about your project?


So far, there were only two ways to buy or sell a car: traders or individuals. Hoopy is an innovative concept that offers the best of both forms when buying and selling: all the security and the benefits of a realistic price. Hoopy is a facilitator of business purchase and sale of used cars between individuals, allowing confidence, reliability and security. In this context, the company emerges as the answer to the latent need in the market and values such as security and transparency.

The company intends to position itself in the market as a provider of a custom car mediation service, acting as a business enabler.

Did you face any obstacles and how did you overcome them?

It’s been a very difficult journey, both professionally and personally.
Professionally, I started with almost no money, no network, no investors and no team.
Personally, already I had my lovely wife and my beautiful two year old daughter and many bills to pay and I ́m still looking for investors and a team… Therefore, being supported and surrounded by your family, your friends or people you can rely on is essential to set-up a business.

Could you give us an innovative feature you put in place please?

Hoopy aims to revolutionize the market for buying and selling used cars and be a facilitator of business purchase and sale of used cars between individuals, that brings you confidence, reliability and security. We mostly use digital communications to revolutionize this market that has been stagnating for 70 years. The Hoopy reinvented the car market second-hand, offering a full reliable and secure service to its customers through its own services and partners. By eliminating the position of the trader in the cycle of buying and selling, we have more competitive prices for buyers and sellers and therefore we can provide a more transparent service. The online information process helps buying and selling decisions and the creation of Hoopynspector figure conveys the feeling of confidence that it takes time to build.


Do you have other tips leading to success?

The key word is to relativize. Much of what we read in forums and entrepreneurship books is not quite true in real life. It is not impossible, but it is much more difficult than what you read or successful examples of some (very few) self-made men (women). Pay attention to the country and culture where your business is located.

Believe in you guys and in your business, try everything but don’t forget to put things into perspective: not all companies are “Apple”, not all entrepreneurs are “Jobs”, not all sites are Silicon Valley, not all investors invest.

Thank you Ricardo and don’t hesitate to read our article about successful startups.

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