burakBurak is  a Turkish founder at BATA FOOD. With a long and international experience in business and his knowledge of the food industry, his testimonial is precious.
Want to internationalize your company? Want to know more about the Turkish business ecosystem? This article is for you!

What is BataFood about?

BATA FOOD is a supplier company of organic and conventional food ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts, herbs, seeds etc. Headquartered in Istanbul (Turkey) with an office in Singapore, we supply food ingredients in bulk to importers, packers, bakeries and other food processors all over the world. 

Where are you selling and what were the obstacles you faced to enter these markets? What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs in the same sector?

We are selling our products to 37 countries in 7 continents. Our main market is Europe but we are growing in other markets as well. In food industry, the main obstacle is to gain trust of your clients and partners. If you are a new player, you should prove your quality and at the same time you should be competitive at what you offer too. Building good connections will take a time, but I suggest everyone to attend industry events and try to meet with other people face to face as much as possible.

Would you recommend to develop in Turkey nowadays?

I think Turkey has a lot of potential and even with the bad external or internal effects, we’ll continue growing. So I’d definitely recommend investing or doing business in Turkey.

Some Burak’s “special” tips for other entrepreneurs who want to set up a business?

My special tip is to be patient and not to give up easily. This is especially for brick and mortar businesses (in digital businesses maybe you should move and scale very fast). Success does not come in a day and it is very clear that people will face with many obstacles in the early days. Building a good team is another tip. I suggest to new entrepreneurs to hire people who are better than themselves (of course in their own profession) and they should really invest in people – even before their products / services. It is important to move forward with strong steps and with a great team. 

If you build trustful relationships with your partners and if you are confident about your products, success will follow.


If you have other questions about Turkey and the food industry, don’t hesitate to connect with Burak and to take a look at his blog.

Written by Beeleev

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