2016 was an unbelievable year thanks to all of you! The community grew, our Beeleevers shared their best advice on the blog, the number of connections skyrocketted. Here is a retrospective of everything we lived together in 2016.

Our community

+ 1000 members in only one year! With over 100 expertise articles shared, you benefited from relevant advice and experience to develop internationally in the best conditions. Beeleev wouldn’t be the network it is without you. The bigger we get, the further we grow.
Thank you!

Our events 

Always more participants, always more events and always more information. We spent more than 10 outstanding events together this year and others are coming soon – so is winter. We are proud to announce you 2017 will be full of surprises.
Thank you!

We Connect, you Grow!

 2016 was a successful year. You, entrepreneurs, get more and more connected with each other : About 300 connections were recorded this year! It means that you can get even more support from all parts of the world.
The cumulative turnover of our Beeleevers reaches out $4 billion dollars. Therefore, “We connect, you Grow!”

Thank you!

The whole Beeleev team wishes a Happy New Year 2017 to all of you! May 2017 be even more fruitful than this year.




Written by Beeleev

Connecting Entrepreneurs

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