Within Beeleev’s Community, 30% of our CEOs selected the USA as one of their top choices for development and, usually, New-York, Los Angeles, Washington, San Francisco, are the first cities that come to their minds when picking a base of operations. They’d miss a great opportunity not considering Omaha, NE!

Omaha is better known as the birthplace of Warren Buffet (and Berkshire Hathaway), Malcolm X and Gerald Ford (38th POTUS) or even as a part of the First Transcontinental Road. It is much more than that: it is a flourishing city, at the gravitational center of the USA, home to major IT, Logistics, Finance & Agribusiness players.

Courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce of Omaha, we are glad to present you a set of documents describing the great incentives that the largest city of Nebraska offers companies. The four (4) following documents were produced by the Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership and offer you a broad view on Nebraska’s economy, with both general Doing Business and in-depth informations.

We advise you to start by the Executive-Summary (2 pages) before heading for the three other documents:

  • Fin-Tech Summary (2 pages)
    A short summary on the flourishing Fin Tech Industry present in Omaha. Ranked #1 in the Top 10 Cities in America to work in Tech or Top #3 in the Best States to do Business by Forbes.
  • AgriBusiness White Paper (24 pages)
    An analysis of the current environment, with an assessment of the industry challenges now and in the future. Concluded by a market scope and a strategic plan.
  • Financial Services White Paper (24 pages)
    A more in-depth evaluation of the current economy (including the Fin Tech). Financial Services are a thriving business in Nebraska, lead by Fortune 500 #5 Berkshire Hathaway.

Many thanks to the Chamber of Commerce of Omaha for sharing such useful documents with us, hoping they will convince many of you to settle in the “Gateway to the West”!

Hope you’ll have a good read !

Written by Beeleev

Connecting Entrepreneurs

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