Useful Reads for when Summer turns to Storm

Summer is here! Time to release the pressure and allow your busy mind to wander, putting aside colleagues or business-related matters. Or will you? Some entrepreneurs actually take the opportunity of the holiday season to read books and resources they can’t commit to during the year. So, if you belong to this category and have to pack some good reads on your way to your hopefully sunny destination, which will they be?

We, at Beeleev, decided to compile a comprehensive selection of a few essential blogs and books we believe will help any digital entrepreneur broaden his vision and critical thinking. Hope you enjoy the read!

Great Digital Marketing Blogs: 


Steady Demand | Social Media Management

Steady Demand is a Social Media Management agency with a great blog dedicated to the same activities. In it, you will not only find articles on each social network and how to optimize your sales funnel in each of them, but also, industry–focused topics like “Which social media platform is best for Real Estate Agents?”. They publish articles every 2 weeks and it’s definitely a great resource to follow if you want to keep track of your social media activities and boost your creativity.

Eskimoz | Search Engine Management

Eskimoz is an Organic Search Agency who also runs an extensive blog on SEO for French-speaking entrepreneurs. Whether you are a SEO amateur or an experienced practitioner, the blog has insightful information to offer: from basic article like “What is growth hacking?” to advanced ones like “SEO audit”. If you speak French, this blog is an amazing resource to enhance your ranking on Search Engines.

MailChimp | Outbound Marketing

MailChimp is the leading marketing automation platform that most businesses use for their mailing campaigns. What you might have overlooked though, is their great blog dedicated to outbound mailing and automation and how to optimize conversion and sales using this channel. It provides short articles on best practices, optimization as well as many case studies. When it comes to outbound mailing and automation, this website is among the best open resources available.

HubSpot | Inbound Marketing

HubSpot is the famous Inbound Marketing and Sales platform which also maintains a well – executed and comprehensive blog. They publish new content every day, including in–depth case studies, guidelines and funny yet exemplary compilations of current sales and marketing practices. It is both relaxing and informative to browse, as you can find almost every topic imaginable broken down into simplified and humorous language. We strongly recommend HubSpot for your daily dose of amusing yet practical information.

Vision-building Books: 

Our deliberate choice here was to provide references that will help you anticipate the strategic changes the global economy is currently experiencing: the advent of the “New Economy”, of the environmental transition, the rise of global insecurity and their impacts on long-term business opportunities.

Global trends: Paradox of Progress – USA National Intelligence Council (NIC)

The NIC is the strategic thinking committee of the US Intelligence Community and, every four years, it hands over a report to the President of the USA describing three scenarios for the world in the next 25 years and the different challenges they bear. This report is then made available to the public and is a must-have for strategic thinkers. It also includes very informative infographics dedicated to each economic zones that will allow you to understand the global paradigm shift and how it might impact your business. The coolest thing? They make it available for free download on their website!

Global trends.jpg


The Zero Marginal Cost Society – Jeremy Rifkin


If you never heard of Jeremy Rifkin, serial best-selling author and advisor to many governments around the world, quickly go buy yourself what will soon become the compass guiding you through the great changes induced by the digital transformation, the rise of peer-to-peer collaboration and the “Makers” movement, amongst others.

Reading this book will inspire you new business and make you think on much needed strategic developments for your company. One thing is certain: you will have a better understanding of the new economic order and how to make a safe trip from the “old world” to the “new”.

What do you think of our selection? If there’s a reference close to your heart or which you believe is of great use, drop it in the comments below!

Enjoy your holidays!


Author: Beeleev

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