Can Vacation do your business good?

Here comes the season when “Any vacation planned?” replaces “Hello”.  As you have the whole company to run (and sadly, not all clients are leaving for vacation), can the pleasure of holidays make up for “lost” sales? Just last Wednesday, we have an open discussion with Charlotte Cadé @ SelencyThibaut Lamarque @ Castalie and Julia Salfati @ Salfatix Media on why and how to take a break. Arguments are diverse. Don’t you want to know who has the best solution for you?

At the evening of the laureates of the Réseau Entreprendre in Paris (which Beeleev participated), a question was asked to all entrepreneurs:  Should we take a vacation?

If the answer is “Yes”, the group is then divided into sub-group based on their type of vacation: Full time vacation? Abroad? With or without connected devices?

Vacations, by all means, are taken seriously by the CEOs. It’s an opportunity to recharge, step back and return with new business ideas.

How to manage your employees when you are on holiday?

Employees must be able to continue working normally during your absence.

The important thing is to set achievable, clear and precise objectives. Once these objectives are set, they can organize themselves to reach them.

Want to know how?

Our Beeleevers recommended  How to Hire A Player by Eric Herrenkohl, which is an easy-to-understand handbook on effective recruitment and collaborator management.

What pace to adopt to make the most of vacation?

Entrepreneurs hold different views on this matter.

Some root for full-time vacations to get a change of air and come back with new business ideas. The difficulty lies in resisting the temptation of checking work mails or the anguish of what can happen in our absence.

This is why some entrepreneurs prefer alternative forms of vacation.

Some recommend spending half the day working, and the other half relaxing. For the most anxious entrepreneurs, this avoids the stress of the re-entry and the 2000 unread mails.

A Beeleever, Thibault opted to another rhythm: spend the first 3 days of each week at work, and the rest for vacation. However, this might equal to 3 overloaded working days and unfulfilled week-end vacation.

Our advice: Go boating.

500px Photo ID: 173817371 -

Yes you read it correctly. We are asking you to buy (or rent!) a boat. Let the salty wind blow throw your hair, getting rid of negative thoughts and the sun warms you up with new inspiration.

Not a fan of boating? Fancy private boat is not your thing?

Alternatives are plentiful. The gist, indeed, is to isolate yourself from habitual environment and stay disconnected. Put down your phone and talk to your inner self instead. Ideas will find its way to you.

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