CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre, the 2nd largest law firm in France by revenue and 4th by workforce size, is sharing with us their analysis on a new tax treaty between France and Singapore, which comes into effect in the beginning of 2017.

In this in-depth paper, Michel Collet, Partner and Laurent Cantoni, Associate break down the economic implications of this change in tax legislation for French entities targeting Singapore, another gateway to Asia (alongside HongKong). Hope you enjoy the free access to our expert resource!

Established in 1925, CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre gathers today more than 400 lawyers in France (Neuilly-sur-Seine, Lyon, Strasbourg, Algiers and Casablanca). The French law firm is especially reputable for its expertise in Tax, Business Law and Employment. Since 2001, it has joined CMS, the leading network of lawyers in Europe with more than 71 offices in 40 countries and over 4,500 lawyers across the world. Today, it is the 3rd legal global network in terms of locations.

Following the last paper on tax legislation in Germany,  Michel Collet, Partner and Laurent Cantoni, Associate from CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre are sharing us with this week an analysis of the provisions of the tax treaty with Singapore was published in France on 1 March 2016.

Singapore has a well-developed network of treaties with the main countries in Asia (including China, Hong Kong, India, Japan and Taiwan, and Europe (including Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, etc.) but not with the United States.This is the background against which France signed a new tax treaty on 15 January 2015 with one of its favoured partners with which it has a trade surplus.

Our two experts will guide you through this issue on 4 aspects:

  • Eligibility and benefits under the Treaty
  • Establishment: 1 year to be a permanent establishment
  • Elimination of double taxation
  • Information exchange and the lack of assistance in recovering tax

You can download the full paper here for free.

Want to contact CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre? Tell us about your project through the Smart Connector and we’ll take care of the introductions!

Written by Beeleev

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