Faking gratitude when receiving a no-good gift is never very pleasant. But things get awkward (and even a bit heartbreaking) when you realize that your gifts to someone will end up rotting in a corner right after the wrapper is off.
No more suffering from bad gifts and fake smiles! We have a great list of helpful and irresistible gifts for those entrepreneurs you call family or friends.

Subscriptions to an Online Learning Platform

In comparison with a shopping gift card, a gift code that gives access to a learning platform is a much more enticing and practical gift for learners. There are several platforms you could look into: Coursera is the place to go for certified courses delivered by top universities and educational institutions that can lead you to obtain an actual degree. For more specific courses, Udemy and Lynda are good options. With modules ranging from business to science, your gift can’t be left unused. The only drawback is that only Udemy has an option for gift giving…

Tickets to a World-Class Business Event


You’ll surely notice the rising excitement when your special someone will open his present and find  a ticket to the upcoming CES, SXSW, WebSummit or Viva Technology (of which Beeleev is a partner). More than an event, you are giving an entrepreneur the opportunity to increase his visibility amongst inspiring and like-minded people. However, make sure he’s available when the event happens or you will both end up crying over spilled milk.

A Book (or Books!)

Books are common but golden. Take a look at our Summer Reads list for inspiration (those books work for winter, spring and autumn too)! However, for this holiday season, we’d like to add some more titles:
First, the book Sapiens and its sequel Homodeus summarize in a relatable way the history of humankind and where we are heading to in the future. Not interested? There’s The Social Animal, a book that looks into sociology, psychology, and biology just to give you a comprehensive explanation on human behavior. And last but not least, classic non-fiction books like The 4th Industrial Revolution or The Design of Everyday Things should also be alternatives.

A Productivity Gadget


If you want the gift to fall more on the comforting side, a productivity gadget is the key. Depend on your budget, the choices range from a simple mug warmer to a fancy smart note/smart pen or noise-cancelling headphone. While a mug warmer is the perfect gift for someone who wants their drinks hot all the time, a smart notebook or smart pen is an interesting and practical upgrade for the old style note takers who have too much notes to reorganize manually. And don’t forget noise-cancelling headphones! It’s just a great boost that helps you stay focused during both work and travel.

A cool stationary product

downloadYes, we have mentioned smart notebooks and smart pens, yet, traditional paper and ink still have their charm. Fountain pens or leather journals remain appreciated.
Beside the classic plain journal, look for an artsy update with a pre-printed Bullet Journal. A Bullet Journal is the mix of a diary, a planner and a to-do list. It’s trendy to get a blank notebook and do all the drawing and design by yourself, however, if the lucky recipient isn’t that good at drawing or just simply too busy for that, get him a professionally drawn bullet journal.

A leather bag


It’s elegant, classy and most of all, practical. An ideal leather bag should be big enough to fit a notebook, a book, a laptop, a phone, a headphone and possibly make-up. The thing is, a leather bag will always complement one’s look, regardless of his conservative suit and tie or smart casual office attire. A great gift (not only for yourself)!

We hope to have sparked a few good ideas for your last minute shopping! In anycase, we at Beeleev wish you Happy holiday and a lot of success for the year to come!

Looking Forward to your International Success!


Written by Beeleev

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