Scrunchie Is Back: Interview with the Founder, Marie Aragon

With the ambition to revolutionize the French hair accessory industry, Scrunchie Is Back is a brand of hair accessory created by Marie Aragon. The products are completely Made in France and not at all the old 90s product that our parents were wearing. While operating online she also opened the Scrunchie Room, a cute apartment studio in the heart of Paris where clients can meet and try on the different products. We got to visit her there and hear all about her entrepreneurial journey, from her career as an accountant to becoming a self-made Entrepreneur. (Transcript below)

“Hello my name is Marie Aragon, and I’m the Founder of a hair accessories brand called Scrunchie Is Back. At the end of High School, I wanted to become a Chartered Accountant because I thought it was the best way of being closer to the entrepreneurial world. I realized pretty fast that accounting studies and this job wasn’t made for me. I refocused my studies towards business and entrepreneurship.

It’s during these studies that I created my first e-commerce at the age of 20. During my Masters in Entrepreneurship, I was working part-time for a young clothing company who went bankrupt while I worked there. I ended up at the end of my studies with a single professional experience of a company’s failure. It wasn’t easy to start over after that. But I got the chance to cross path of “Réseau Entreprendre Paris”, and I learned so much being in contact with entrepreneurs that were ambitious and had so much potential for development.

What is Scrunchie Is Back?

Scrunchie Is Back’ ambition is to modernize the hair accessory industry. Today, the market is composed of two segments, we can either find products that are on the low end, Made in China, or high end products that are expensive, and made for hairdressing, not fashion. I want to step in between these two segments by creating a brand that has a many products, with accessible prices, made in France, and a distribution mode that is different.


I recently created The Scrunchie Room, which I use as an office but also as a Sales Showroom. The objective was to be close to the customers to allow them to try and buy the accessories easily.


Did you Meet any challenges?

The most important difficulty is to find the right equilibrium between my professional life and personal life. There can be a frustrating part because we want things to go fast so we put in a lot of energy. But we also need to take the time to appreciate the little things like seeing my friends and family.

We are drawn to an objective, a success and a goal but between that goal and the present there is a whole path. The most beautiful thing in entrepreneurship is to enjoy that path, to take the time to celebrate successes. Also being happy to go through hurdles, because it allows us to grow and discover new things.

Do you have any Advice for Entrepreneurs?

Surround yourself, either with organisms, NGOs or entrepreneurs who have experienced things before you did, for example Réseau Entreprendre or Beeleev. You can be coached or get advice from them.

I also find a lot of inspiration in Entrepreneur’s Books, once again in the same logic, to see that we can’t build a company in two days, and that even the founder of Zappos or Nike went through the worst nightmares and difficulties, it gives courage. I really liked the book written by the founder of Zappos, Delivering Happiness. I found it really well written, and his story is really inspiring. He managed to bounce back from situation to situation. The reason he held on and succeeded is that he never let go and he had wit. It’s a perfect recipe.

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