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Latest Developments in German Tax Law: In-Depth Analysis with CMS Francis Lefebvre

CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre, the 2nd largest law firm in France by revenue and 4th by workforce size, is sharing with us their latest article on “German Taxation: New Developments” .
If you are going to enter or currently operate in Germany, this update will help you save hours in legal survey. Hope you enjoy the free access to our expert resource!

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“Key to India investment”: In-depth Study

This investment guide will help demystify issues surrounding your India business plans. It is aimed at investors and/or their consultants, accountants, legal advisors. It first examines the India economic situation and the administrative mechanism and then moves on to India’s regulatory environment vis-à-vis foreign investment, mode of investing, recurring compliances likely to be faced by your India operations and an overview of key commercial laws.